Levi’s Star was established as a charity in August 2008. The charity is in memory of my gorgeous little boy Levi, who tragically lost his precious life to a brain tumour, just 6 weeks after the devastating diagnosis. Levi was only 6½ years old. (see Levi’s story) Levi’s Star supports children with brain tumours and their families throughout Yorkshire.

Our three objectives are:

  • The provision of grants and financial assistance
  • Promoting research into centres for cures of brain tumours
  • Raising awareness of brain tumour symptoms

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How we are helping...

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    Katie - aged 8

was diagnosed in 2012 with a PNET brain tumour and has a shunt fitted. We helped mum provide some provide some treats for Katie and ease the financial pressure on the family.

    Lewis - aged 2

Lewis has been very ill with lots of infections after being diagnosed with a anaplastic ependtmona grade 3. He is starting chemotherapy, but will have to stay in hospital for at least four weeks due to infections. His daddy stays with him whilst his mummy returns home to look after their three other children. They find it difficult to manage with all costs incurred at this time. We were happy to help this family financially at a very stressful time.

    Abigail - aged 5

Abigail has a brain stem glimoa, but sadly her health has deteriorated and it has been decided to stop treatment. With our help the family will be able to take part in some special activities together and make some very precious memories.

    Harriet - aged 12

Harriet has a medullary brain stem low grade glioma and is having two years of chemotherapy treatment. Family members have funded a holiday to Euro Disney and we were happy to help towards the everyday costs whilst they are there, helping to make their trip truly magical.

    Cameron - aged 9

Cameron was diagnosed with an anaplastic ependymona grade 3 and is receiving palliative care. His family want to take Cameron on some special outings, including a trip to Euro Disney, whilst he is well enough to enjoy them. We helped them achieve their wish by contributing financially.

    Neeve - aged 3

Neeve has a brain stem glioma and is receiving palliative care. At the moment she is well enough to go on special outings with her mum. We helped fund outings and special treats for Louise and her mum.

    Louise - aged 17

Sadly Louise died from a metastastic atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour. Her family raised funds to enable them to put a headstone on her grave. Levi's Star donated to this fund to help the family at this very sad time.

    James - aged 9

James was diagnosed with an anaplastic ependymoma and has been in the USA receiving Proton treatment. After his treatment had finished the hospital donated a holiday in Disney Florida for him and his mum. Unfortunately they did not have enough to cover the everyday costs of this trip and Levi's Star was happy to help with this.

    Joseph - aged 11

Joseph had a medulloblastoma seven years ago and was left with disabilities as a result of the treatment. He is awaiting results of a mass round his brain stem. The family are very distressed and his daddy wanted to stay with him in hospital but needed financial support in order to take time off work. We helped with the costs to ease some of the pressure for his family at a very stressful time.

    Alfie - aged 8

was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumour in June 2011. Sadly his prognosis is poor and his parents wanted to make his birthday a special occasion. We were more than happy to help towards the cost of a limousine ride and a party for a very brave little boy.

    Hannah - aged 3

was diagnosed with a Posterior Fossa tumour aged three and recently underwent life saving surgery. We helped with travelling expenses so her mum can take Hannah out on trips.

    Zara - aged 10

in November 2011 Zara was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade 3. She is frequently in hospital and her mum stays with her during these periods. Zara loves playing board games and colouring and painting. We helped her mum purchase these items for her to make her stay in hospital more entertaining.

    Kai - aged 8 months

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2012. His family recently had water damage in their home. We helped with some of the costs related to repairing the damage in order to make the house safe and comfortable for Kai.

    Dawood - aged 5

Dawood has a Pilocytic Astroytoma and relapsed in May 2012. He has severe speech and language difficulties and his mum wanted to purchase a "smart box" for him to use at home. He has the use of this piece of equipment at school and by having one at home too his learning and communication will


Jordan was diagnosed in 2005 with Astrocytoma St 2 and has had surgery and radiotherapy then further surgery and shunts fitted. He has had long periods in hospital and has problems due to loss of endocrine function and learning difficulties. We helped Jordan so he could buy treats to help pass the time whilst in hospital and help ease the financial pressure on his parents.

    Emily - aged 11

was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma in June 2012 and was in ICU for over six weeks. We helped towards travelling costs for her family and living expenses during this very difficult period.

    Harry - aged 4

in December 2008 Harry was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma and due to this has mental & physical disabilities. His family moved house to accommodate his needs and we helped to cover some of the cost of essential items for their new home.

    Sian - aged 5

was diagnosed in 2008 and relapsed in 2010. It had been a difficult four years for Sian so her family planned a holiday. It was our pleasure to provide some spending money for Sian to buy some really nice treats on this well deserved holiday.

    Katie - aged 10

in February 2012 Katie was diagnosed with an Emendymoma and received proton treatment in America and we helped with living expenses for the family during their nine week stay in America.

    Sonia - aged 7

has a relapsed Glioblastoma and is receiving palliative care. Sonia loves to shop for clothes and treats. The family would like to continue to indulge her whilst she is well enough to enjoy them, but finances are tight. Levi's Star was pleased to be able to help Sonia and her three siblings to have some treats.

    Abigail - aged 12

has had many operations to remove a Papillary tumour of the Pineal Gland which has regrown. She is now partially sighted and uses a wheel chair. Her mum wanted to be able to take her and her brother on special outings and make Christmas a little more special. Levi's Star helped her mum do this.

    Peter - aged 17

in November 2004 Peter was diagnosed with a medullablastoma. He has had many ups and downs over the last few years. We were able to help towards the purchase of a lap top, which made Peter happy.

    Jason - aged 2

was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2011. His parents asked if we could help with a special tricycle to enable Jason to get a around the farm on which they live. Levi's Star was happy to help.

    Jon - aged 20

has had a recurrent and increasingly difficult to treat Ependymoma since 2000. Jon enjoys playing the guitar and recently played his first "gig". Unfortunately he had to borrow additional equipment for his guitar. Levi's Star helped him purchase the extra equipment ~ this will allow him to play at other venues with his own equipment.

    Lucy - aged 5

in Sept 2011 Lucy was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Pilocytic Astrocytoma brain tumour. Lucy had to stay in hospital for two months and is now undergoing 18 months of chemotherapy. Lucy has a sister and brother and we helped the whole family to have some treats and outings, which we know they thoroughly enjoyed.

    Poppy - aged 10

was diagnosed with a PNET brain tumour in May 2011. Poppy stays with her daddy at the weekends and he wanted to purchase bunks beds so that they could be close to each other throughout the night. We thought this was a great idea and helped to purchase the beds for them.

    Mark - aged 22 months

has a Pilocytic Astrocytoma diagnosed in Sept 2011. Mark has two siblings aged 3 & 4 years. They all like to snuggle up in bed with their mummy & daddy. Unfortunately their bed broke and we helped towards the purchase of a new one, so that they can continue the snuggles in their new bed.

    Kiz - aged 6

has a Glioblastoma and Levi's Star were able to give them a short break in our caravan at Blackpool. We also helped with some special outings whilst on holiday for Kiz and his siblings.

    Megan - aged 16

has Metastatic Atypical Teratoid/Rhabcloid tumour diagnosed in April 2011. The family needed help to replace a broken fridge freezer. We were happy to help this family with their request and also provide some special treats for Megan.

    Zara - aged 4

was diagnosed in November 2010 with a Medullablastoma and now has posterior fossa syndrome following surgery. She is unable to walk, she cannot speak and is unable to eat. The services have provided a wheelchair, but the family needed a major buggy. Levi's Star helped to purchase a more suitable buggy for Zara which meets her needs.

    Russell - aged 14 weeks

in June 2011 was diagnosed with a Teratomal Hamertoma brain tumour. His elder brother had to spend time with grandparents whilst Russell was in hospital. Levi's Star was able to make time for the whole family by offering them a short break in our caravan. We also gave some money for some special treats for his brother.

    John - aged 17

was helped previously by us to have flying lessons, but unfortunately he is now receiving palliative care. His mum wanted to have some special outings for the whole family whilst John was still well enough to enjoy them. Levi's Star was more than happy to fulfil this request.

    Isaac - aged 9

has a high grade diffuse Pontine Glioma diagnosed in June 2011. We helped purchase a laptop for Isaac and his mum said it brought a smile to his face. The whole family are under great stress so we arranged for them to have a holiday in Levi's Star caravan, which was greatly appreciated by them all.

    Grace - aged 12

was diagnosed in February 2011 with a diffuse grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Grace sleeps downstairs on a hospital bed and her mum sleeps beside her. We helped to purchase a sofa bed which will make things easier for Grace and her mum.

    Declan - aged 7

was diagnosed with a medullablastoma in October 2010. The family income has dropped drastically during Declan's treatment. We provided them with a short break in Levi's Star caravan and we provided some money for treats for Declan and his brother whilst on holiday.

    Rebecca - aged 8

has an Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Her mum is not working at the moment and family finances are becoming difficult. We were happy to help take some of the pressure off the family and allow them to buy some special treats for Rebecca.

    Marie - aged 19

has a relapsed Pilocytic Astrocytoma (second relapse) and has just finished two years of chemotherapy treatment. A cottage holiday has been arranged for Marie and her family and Levi's Star has helped with expenses for the weeks holiday.

    Zane - aged 1

was diagnosed in July 2010 with an ATRT brain tumour and second lesions on his back. Zane needs lots of nappies, but the incontinence nurses can only supply nappies to children over four years old. We provided a grant to purchase some extra nappies for Zane.

    Leanne - aged 16

has had a brain tumour for several years. She has a younger brother and sister and things have been difficult for the family. We were able to send Leanne and her family on a holiday to Spain. This holiday was donated by David (one of our very kind supporters) and Thomson Holidays. A great time was had by all.

    David - aged 4

was diagnosed with Medullablastoma in October 2010. His mummy is a single parent and finances are tight. We helped to ease the stress a little and give David some special treats.

    Lewis - aged 3

in September 2009 Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He has undergone 18 months of baby chemotherapy. Lewis has three little brothers and due to hospital visits the family are separated frequently. We helped his mummy to give him and his siblings some special outings.

    Holly - aged 3

sadly died from a progressive brain tumour in November 2010. Levi's Star helped towards funeral costs for this brave little lady.

    John - aged 17

has a medullablastoma. He has been through high dose chemotherapy and radiotherapy and at the moment is undergoing maintenance chemotherapy. John's ambition was to fly with the RAF, but sadly this will be unlikely now. He was, however, thrilled to learn that could undertake private flying lessons. We contributed to the "Keep John Flying Fund". His parents said that to find a pastime, or hobby that can take a young person's mind off the treatment, if only for an hour or so, is priceless.

    Jake - aged 2

in April 2010 Jake was diagnosed with a Ewing Sarcoma - skull. He recently went to America for proton therapy and although grants were given, more was needed than could be raised. His family applied to Levi's Star for financial assistance upon their return. We were happy to help ease the pressure off Jake's family.

    Callum - aged 5

has a Anaplastic Astrocytoma (a type of brain tumour). He has been left with many difficulties due to his brain tumour and has had a lot to cope with. Callum's family applied to us to provide Callum with a suitable bed for his size and difficulties. They also needed help towards providing fencing for their garden because of Callum's mobility difficulties. Our contribution bought these items and we hope this made life a little easier for Callum and his family.

    Charlie - aged 6

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2010. He had to undergo a lot of intensive treatment and whilst in isolation Charlie wanted some new Lego to play with (as this was his favourite). We were so pleased to provide this for Charlie.

    Rachel - aged 17

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January 2008 She has a significant visual impairment and is spending more time in bed due to the progressive brain tumour. Her family applied to us for funding towards buying Rachel a 50" TV for her bedroom, as this is the smallest size TV she can see. We were happy to help.

    Matthew - aged 2

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2009. He has now completed his treatment (well done Matthew) and his family wanted to take him out for a special treat. Matthew chose to go to the zoo and to travel by train. We are pleased we could help make this day possible and hope Matthew and his family had a great time.

    Charlotte - aged 3

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in February 2010. Her family were allocated a new home, but needed help towards costs of furnishing Charlotte's bedroom. We were happy to do this and Charlotte's bedroom is now fit for a princess!

    Jack - aged 2

has a medullablastoma. His family were reliant on their car, to take Jack for his frequent hospital appointments, until it broke down. Jack's family applied to us for help towards costs of fixing their car so that Jack's life would not be made more difficult. We were pleased to be able to meet this request.

    Anna - aged 3

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July 2009. She and her three siblings are cared for by their Mummy who is a single parent. Anna is registered blind and we helped to buy some noisy, flashing and textured toys.

    William - aged 7

was in hospital at the same time as Levi, William also had a brain tumour. His parents contacted us to ask for funding towards adapting a car so that William can be raised up and down, in and out of the car in his wheelchair. This is a great piece of equipment for William and we are very pleased that we could help William and his family.

    Mya - aged 18 months

has a brain tumour and has had chemotherapy treatment. Her parents have had to reduce their working hours to take care of Mya. Levi's Star enabled them to give Mya some treats and buy special foods for her.

    Daniel - aged 9

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in his cerebellum in September 2008. Daniel's family applied to us for help towards providing treats for Daniel and his siblings for Christmas. Hope you had a Christmas to remember!

    Alisa - aged 9

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in February 2010 Sadly Alisa's tumour cannot be treated and her family are spending as much time with her as they can and so are unable to work. We sent a grant to try and ease the financial strain and enable Alisa's family to buy her the things she needs.

    Oliver - aged 4

in October 2009 was diagnosed with a medullablastoma Little Oliver has been in intensive care several times throughout his gruelling treatment. The family asked for our help in funding trips and treats for Oliver as they have been unable to work while Oliver has been in hospital. We were happy to do this.

    Sam - aged 2

was diagnosed with a brain in June 2009. Sam's Mummy really wanted to give Sam some treats for being so brave. They are going away for a few days and this will enable them to have extra special outings.

    Scott - aged 2

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2009.Scott's dad was later made unemployed and the family needed a new washing machine, as theirs was broken and could not be repaired. Levi's Star was happy to contribute to the cost of this.

    Owen - aged 8

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2008. His family wanted to give him an extra special Christmas which we helped to make happen.

    Jade - aged 11

in August 2008 was diagnosed with a relapsed brain tumour. She is receiving palliative care. Levi's Star was pleased to help Jade's family buy treats for Jade and her brother at this difficult time.

    Charlotte - aged 10

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in August 2009. She is undergoing radiotherapy and despite travelling many miles each day she is still managing to go to school! We were happy to provide a grant so that Charlotte could have some well deserved treats.

    Salman - aged 16

was diagnosed in November 2009 with a high grade brain tumour. His neurosurgery has resulted in some loss of mobility and needs rehabilitation. Salman will be spending a lot of time at home and applied to us for funding for PS3 games and DVDs to help keep him occupied as he recovers.

    Marie - aged 17

has a relapsed brain tumour. She is undergoing intensive chemotherapy and is therefore unable to study/work. Marie needed funds towards hobbies and treats at this very difficult time in her life.

    Harry - aged 7

was diagnosed with a high grade glioma in April 2009. His family needed extra help in making this Christmas a very special one, especially after the very difficult year they had endured.

    Ethan - aged 18

was diagnosed with a metastatic medullablastoma in May 2009. He is undergoing an 18 month course of treatment which is very debilitating. This is particularly difficult for Ethan as he was very sporty and active, but now spends a lot of time in bed. Ethan wanted funds to buy a laptop, to help him stay in touch with his friends. We were very happy to help.

    Anna - aged 3

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July 2009. She and her three siblings are cared for by their Mummy who is a single parent. Having recently moved house her Mummy wanted to redecorate and carpet Anna's bedroom to make it a safe and warm environment for her little daughter who is also registered blind. Levi's Star was very happy to help with this.

    Jennifer - aged 3

was diagnosed with a grade 3 Ependymoma in September 2009. She is undergoing 18 months of gruelling chemotherapy in the hope of preventing the need for radiotherapy. Her family desperately wanted to treat Jennifer and her five year old sister at this difficult time, but were struggling financially to meet essential bills. We were happy to send them a grant to cover both of these areas, as we understand the very real pressures families are under when they receive such a devastating diagnosis.

    Arslan - aged 3

was diagnosed with a high grade Glioma. Unfortunately Arslan is now receiving palliative care, following disease progression. He has never seen his grandparents who live in Nigeria and his parents were desperately trying to raise the money to fly them over. It was our pleasure to contribute towards the cost of this - Arslan is very excited at the thought of seeing them.

    Luke - aged 23

was first diagnosed with a brain tumour September 2003. He now has a relapsed brain tumour which sadly is non-curative. Luke needed to be cared for in a hospice and his family needed help towards the cost of travelling to visit him regularly. We were happy to help with these expenses.

    Carl - aged 20

was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July 2009. He had to take time off work to undergo and recover from surgery. Carl wanted to go on holiday with friends before starting radiotherapy. We were happy to help to fund this much needed holiday.

    Katie - aged 3

was diagnosed in 2008 with a medullablastoma. After Katie had finished her treatment, her family wanted to take her on holiday the first opportunity they got. We helped with the cost of their holiday, so that Katie could have some much deserved treats.

    Nathan - aged 4

was diagnosed with a medullablastoma in 2006 and relapsed in 2007. His family wanted to take Nathan on holiday to the Isle of Mull (Balamoray!!). We helped to fund this very special trip for Nathan and his family. After Nathans trip to Balamoray we funded several outings & treats for him and is sister, as sadly he began to receive palliative care.

    Alex - aged 9

has a medullablastoma and was diagnosed in 2007. Her mum cares for Alex full time so money is understandably short. Alex loves to watch TV and they needed help to pay for the licence. We bought this for Alex and her mum, as well as some extra treats for the little lady.

    Harry - aged 13

was diagnosed in 2007 and now has a relapsed medullablastoma. Due to his condition, extreme tiredness and access issues, Harry had missed a lot of school. We helped towards the cost of a laptop that Harry could use both at home and school that would make life easier for him.

    Liam - aged 17

was diagnosed with a medullablastoma in 2008. He was coming to the end of a long course of treatment and feeling quite low. Due to his diagnosis, Liam had to put an apprenticeship on hold and needed something positive to focus on. We therefore helped to fund his motorbike restoration hobby.

    Jane - aged 10

has a relapsed glioma (brain and spine). She experiences decreased mobility as a result of her diagnosis and side effects. Jane can no longer walk to school, to town or to her friend's houses or clubs. As no-one in her family drives, we paid for taxis to enable Jane to continue to participate in school and leisure activities with her peers as much as she is able to.

    James - aged 24

was diagnosed with a brain tumour and has had frequent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. His condition is non-curative. We contributed financially towards a much needed family holiday for James, his wife and their little girl.

We are only too aware that the diagnosis of a brain tumour is absolutely devastating.

Life for children with brain tumours and their families is changed in an instant. It isn’t just the horror of the diagnosis, it’s the realisation that brain tumours and their treatment can cause physical and mental changes that could be permanent. In fact some parents of children with brain tumours may even have to become full time carers.

Such changes could include:

  • Weakness down one side of the body
  • Poor balance, or shakes
  • Fits/blackouts
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Some may lose the sight of one, or both eyes
  • Some may have hearing difficulties
  • Growth problems
  • Early, or late puberty & fertility problems
  • Educational problems – problems with new learning (skills, or ideas), poor short term memory, problem solving
  • Learning difficulties – needing extra support at school, or in a special unit
  • Behavioural problems

With all these issues in mind we are only too happy to help as many children with brain tumours as possible, for as long as possible.

How you can help...

You can donate money to Levi's Star - all amounts gratefully accepted.

You could organise an event in aid of Levi's Star, such as:

  • coffee morning
  • sponsored walk
  • sponsored disco
  • jumble sale
  • sponsored silence
  • dress down days at work
  • sponsored cycle
  • anything else you want to do!!!

Please e-mail us at levisstar@btinternet.com
or call Vicky on 07971 932610
Click here to see our special thanks page to see all those who have already help us.

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